Venetian tagliatelle
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Venetian tagliatelle

Preparation CN
35 – 60 min CN
In the top CN
Child CN
Vegetarian CN
  1. Bowl spinach and ground it.
  2. Pour the flour on a working surface, make a hole in the middle and fill it with spinach puree. The dough has to be elastic. If not- add more flour. If it is too much- add some water.
  3. Add an egg and salt, knead the dough and roll in layers, leave for a couple of minutes to dry up.
  4. Cut it into 10 cm long and 1 cm wide strips (like noodles), boil in salty water.
  5. Cut chicken meat, fry it and add chopped onions.
  6. As onions begin to get brown- add sauteed flour, tomatoes and salt. Add some water or broth, stew until meat becomes soft. Ready sauce shouldn't be too dense.
  7. Put ready tagliatelle in the colander, then saute it in oil, lay out on a plate, strew with black pepper, green peas and grated mozzarella. The sauce is served separately in a sauceboat.

Ingredients CN

Mozzarella Pizza

100 g




240 g


80 g

Pickled tomatoes

120 g

Chicken breast

600 g



Green peas

Salt, spices

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